Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Sanity Savers – Things I’m Enjoying While in Isolation

Top 5 Tuesday > homework I should be doing right now.

The first couple of weeks of this unexpected isolation were hard. With the local library closed, I don’t have anywhere else I can go without distractions as I try to keep up with my schoolwork. Hopefully, it will open again in April. I might go there a few times a week to study as we go on with the social distancing.

Surprisingly, it hasn’t been books that helped me adjust to the forced isolation. I’ve had a hard time focusing and settling on what to read next. It’s like I want to read, and then I don’t, if that makes any sense.

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday are the things that I am enjoying during the isolation and saving my sanity.


Not having to work my schedule around a bus

donald duck sleeping GIF

One of the biggest tips that people have given on working from home is continuing with your usual schedule as if you were going to work. See, the thing is, during my normal schedule I get up at 4am on a regular basis. I tried that…by the afternoon, I ended up falling asleep on the couch for an hour, then felt too groggy to do anything.

After the first week and a half, I realized I could sleep in as well as I can work as late as I want. I didn’t have to catch a bus or a train. I normally don’t work past 6pm, but mostly because that is how my brain is programmed. I tried it the other night and I got a lot more done in a day.


Saving money

funny cat GIF

Yeah, I know that’s weird. I’m not working, but my job is still paying me approximately the number of hours I’ve worked each week since January through when the university closed in March. Plus, I still live at home with my dad and he’s an essential employee. I’m eating the food at home, rather than getting takeout at lunch like I did when I went to work or school. Also, since I have no idea how long this isolation is going to last, I’m not inclined to spend money on things like books or new clothes. But believe you me, I want to stress-shop very badly.



kristen wiig dancing GIF

As annoyed as I am that the rest of the semester is online and I won’t be getting a commencement after two years of working so hard for my Master’s degree, I know in the scheme of things it’s best for everyone. But without homework, I don’t know what I would be able to do with myself in a day. I think I might go insane…even with all the books I have.


Writing and making reading lists

Barry hbo note barry barryhbo GIF

The way I space my homework out throughout the week, I have more time to work on a backlist of blog posts and, of course, participate in Top 5 Tuesday. I still feel guilty when I set aside homework to start blogging, but it is the best method I have to relieve stress.

As for making reading lists, this gave me a distraction as well as caused me an irrational amount of stress. I currently have 43 books checked out from my local library, plus pulled random books off my shelves that were not on my priority TBR pile that I made at the beginning of 2020. It took me a couple of days, but I finally arranged my new to be read pile in a way that I want and I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon. If anything, feeling organized in my reading has resurged the desire to read again.


Netflix, Disney + and YouTube

jason alexander popcorn GIF by Cheezburger

On Netflix, I’m watching older episodes of Criminal Minds. I just watched Season 3 of Castlevania. I’ll probably get back into season 3 of Thirteen Reasons Why eventually. I rewatched one of my favorite movies, Hotel Transylvania 3, the other night. On Disney + I watched Toy Story 4 and I’m praying the rumors of releasing the live-action Mulan on there are true. I’ve been itching to watch the animated Disney version of Robin Hood lately, so that could be next. Ironically, I’m also watching scary story channels on YouTube, namely Mr. Nightmare, Corpse Husband, and Lazy Masquerade. I find their voices extremely soothing.


What has kept you sane during this isolation?

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Sanity Savers – Things I’m Enjoying While in Isolation

    1. Wizards of Waverly Place was a good show. Your daughter has good taste. Justin + Juliet for life. 💜💙


  1. Catching up on all the other T5T posts, better late than never, eh?! 😉
    I’m glad Shanah is doing these topics this month, we all need some happy distractions at the moment. I know exactly what you mean about saving money – we can’t go anywhere! We’ll have to look at the family’s spending when all this is over. 😉 I’m enjoying all the extra reading time and love having my family home.
    Stay safe & healthy. x

    Liked by 1 person

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