The Unique Blogger Award Tag

I would very much like to thank Grey of Greyson Reads for tagging me! I am honored to receive the Unique Blogger Award. Also, thank you for coming up with such easy questions. 🙂


What is your favorite reading beverage?

Coffee, which is weird because of all the liquid accidents I’ve had around books. And I only drink it while reading on the weekends, unless I am in between temp jobs. I unfortunately don’t have that kind of time in the morning when I’m on a work assignment.


Which mythical animal would you like as a pet?

I’m a dog person, but I would love to have Lying Cat from the Saga graphic novels as a pet. Not only can she tell when a person is lying (hence her name), she’s loyal and protective.


What is your favorite villain?

For the last few years, my favorite villain has been Amarantha from the A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy by Sarah J. Maas. When you really think about it, she turned a whole kingdom to ruins, tortured innocent people, and made Rhysand her sex slave because a guy turned her down (but can we really blame Tamlin for that?). I know people hate on a lot of SJM characters, but most of them are not nearly as bad as she was.




I know the rules say you’re supposed to tag eight to twelve people. But I have no idea who has done this and who has not. I will tag a few people, but if I don’t mention you and you want to participate—BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL AWESOME REGARDLESS—you can say I tagged you.

So, for now, I tag:










My questions for you are:


  1. Who was your first book boyfriend/girlfriend?

  2. What is the most disappointing book you’ve read so far in 2018?

  3. If you could name your son or daughter after a fictional character, who would it be and why?

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